nyone can buy diapers and outfits as a baby shower gift, but what about those gifts that last forever? The ones that have real meaning behind them?  I want to share with you all a few ideas for gifts that will last baby a lifetime

he Gift of Knowledge


Books of all shapes, sizes, and topics make the perfect gift to encourage a lifelong love affair with the written word. The joy of reading is learned early. When you read to your child regularly, you nurture a love of books. There is no better time to begin, than when your baby is born. Story time with your newborn is more about sharing a special bond than reading, but this positive early experience may help your child develop a thirst for knowledge and a healthy attitude toward learning.


The Gift of Music


From gentle lullabies to classical compositions, early exposure to music may become another gift of a lifetime. When you play music for your baby, he learns the beauty of sound. Variety is important here. The more types of music your child hears, the more he learns to enjoy. Vocal and instrumental selections expose your baby to different qualities of music, as does playing a variety of musical genres – classical to calm, jazz to uplift, and so on. Who knows, your baby may even grow up to be a famous singer or musician someday.


The Gift of Touch


Infant massage and baby yoga classes give the gifts of healthy touch and movement. The classes provide a superb bonding opportunity for you and your baby, but they may also do a lot more. What people experience as young children goes a long way toward establishing who they become as adults. Infant massage may help babies learn about their bodies and healthy touch. It also facilitates a strong parent-child bond, which may improve your ability to maintain open communication with your child as he grows.


The Gift of Health


Perhaps a gift that you may not have ever thought about, what about the gift of health?  Cord blood banking is one of the newest technologies that can ensure that baby is protected throughout their entire lives.  Did you know that cord blood could literally save your child’s life?  I didn’t realize this until I saw this video:
Why Stem Cells?
Medical professionals are learning more each day about fighting against disease using our own body’s natural resources.  A stem cell is a single cell that can replicate itself or differentiate into many different types of cells. Our bodies are made up of hundreds of specialized cells that develop into specific organs, tissues, neurons… everything!  Stem cells are the raw material that everything in your body starts out as.


There’s three different ways to harvest stem cells: bone marrow, which can be painful for the donor; embryonic stem cells, which has a lot of controversy around it; and cord blood stem cells.  Cord blood stem cells can be harvested quickly and painlessly right after birth, processed in a lab, and then cryogenically frozen.

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